Bex Singleton is an artist and photographer whose work begins with a fascination in people. Graduating from Fine Art at St. Martin’s, she has developed a career combining professional dance, theatre and portrait photography, and her fine art practice.

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Bex welcomes challenges and excels at working creatively to achieve unique photographs. She approaches each project individually, ensuring her photography is tailored to each client. Working to the comfort and enjoyment of the people that she photographs, Bex treats her clients with great care and respect. It’s this combination that attains results that both she and her clients are delighted with.

She is currently based in Sierra Leone, working as an Associate Photographer for Charly Cox Communications.

Clients include the Guardian online, Save The Children UK, Breakin Convention, Ballet NEWS, Dance Today, Siobhan Davies Studios, Regents College London, University of the Arts London and Warner Music.

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